Page 6 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2018 Visitor's Guide
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     Originally settled by farmers, fi shermen,   After Hurricane Hazel razed the area
     and timber harvesters, the area was   in 1954, a new and improved North
     discovered as a tranquil seaside    Myrtle  Beach  emerged,  featuring
     destination in the 1900s and saw the   oceanfront  accommodations and
     formation of several small seaside   high-rise hotels. The booming popularity
     villages that would eventually make   of beach music and a dance known as
     up North Myrtle Beach - Cherry Grove,   The Shag put North Myrtle Beach on
     Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, Windy   the map in the second half of the 20th
     Hill and Atlantic Beach.            Century, and both are still mainstays
                                         of the community.
     4  History
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